4 Points Hot And Cold Dual Outlet Stainless Steel Angle Valve

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  • Product Name: 4 points hot and cold dual outlet stainless steel angle valve
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Spool material: ceramic spool
  • Category: Hot and cold general angle valve
  • Number of outlets: single outlet
  • Water ingress type: 4 points
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    Brand Name SITAIDE
    Model Number STD-6009
    Material Stainless steel
    Place of Origin zhejiang, China
    Function Hot Cold Water
    Media Water
    Spray Type Valves
    Cartridge Lifetime 500000 Times Opening
    After-sale Service Online technical support, Other
    Type Modern

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    Tell our customer service what colors you need (PVD /PLATING),OEM customization,Support customization based on drawings and samples.




     This 4-point hot and cold double outlet stainless steel angle valve is a modern, practical and beautiful water valve product. Whether it is for home life or commercial use, this valve can meet your various needs.
    First of all, the valve has a one-inlet and two-outlet design and can control two water outlets at the same time. This means you can turn both water sources on and off at the same time, providing more efficient water source control. No more need for extra connectors or converters to meet your multiple water needs. For example, when you need to connect the washbasin and shower in the bathroom at the same time, this angle valve can easily solve your problem.
    Secondly, this 4-point hot and cold double outlet stainless steel angle valve adopts a hexagonal valve body design, which is simple and elegant. The stainless steel material makes the angle valve have excellent durability and anti-corrosion properties, and can be used for a long time without rust or corrosion problems. This design not only meets the functional requirements of the angle valve, but also adds a sense of modernity and beauty to your home.
    In addition, this valve uses a ceramic valve core, which is extremely durable and anti-clog. The ceramic material is not easy to wear and can maintain the stable working condition of the valve core for a long time, effectively avoiding the common problem of water valve clogging. At the same time, the ceramic valve core can also ensure the health and safety of users' water use, is non-toxic and harmless, and provides you with a high-quality water environment.
    Finally, this 4-point hot and cold dual-outlet stainless steel angle valve also has a water-saving function. The design of the valve core makes the water flow more stable, which can effectively reduce the waste of water and save precious water resources for you in your daily life.
    In summary, this 4-point hot and cold dual outlet stainless steel angle valve is a high-quality, practical and beautiful water valve product. Its design not only allows you to control two water sources at the same time, but also brings many advantages of health, water saving, durability and anti-clog. By choosing this angle valve, you will create a healthy, comfortable and efficient living.


    One valve has multiple functions to meet the daily needs of the family. A family needs about 7 angle valves, and one angle valve can meet the needs of the whole house.


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