Stainless Steel Shower Faucets

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  • Product Name: Stainless steel shower faucet
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Application: Bathroom
  • Water outlet control method: single handle and double control
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    Brand Name SITAIDE
    Model Number STD-1205
    Material Stainless steel
    Place of Origin zhejiang, China
    Function Hot Cold Water
    Media Water
    Spray Type shower headr
    After-sale Service Online technical support, Other
    Type Modern


    Tell our customer service what colors you need
    (PVD /PLATING),OEM customization


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    The stainless steel shower head set is equipped with the following features:

    1、Booster top-jet shower: It includes a built-in booster device that provides a strong water flow for an excellent shower experience, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable shower.
    2、Anti-seepage and leak-proof ceramic valve core: The shower head set utilizes a high-quality ceramic valve core that is stable and durable. It effectively prevents leakage and water seepage issues, ensuring a long service life.
    3、Versatile water outlet: With adjustable water flow modes such as rain, spray, and massage, the shower head set caters to the varying needs of different users, delivering a personalized shower experience.
    4、Conveniently switch between handheld and top spray: By using a single button, you can easily switch between the handle and top switch to quickly change the water outlet, accommodating different bathing preferences.
    5、One-button switching: Featuring an intelligent design, the shower head set allows you to effortlessly switch between different water spray modes with a simple touch of a button, providing convenience and saving time and effort.
    6、User-friendly: The shower head set is easy to install and suitable for various types of shower facilities. It ensures a hassle-free and efficient usage experience, enabling you to enjoy a comfortable shower effortlessly.
    7、Crafted with 304 stainless steel soft wire: Made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and carefully crafted, the shower head set boasts a smooth and durable surface that is resistant to rust, retaining its beauty over an extended period.
    8、Soft water outlet with honeycomb foaming: The shower head set features a special design for the water outlet, creating a gentle water flow with delicate foaming effects, providing a pleasant bathing experience. Our stainless steel shower head set not only delivers excellent functionality but also prioritizes quality and user experience. It is an ideal choice for upgrading your home shower equipment.

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