Stainless Steel Faucet

Short Description:

  • Product Name: stainless steel faucet
  • Finshed: Chrome/Nickle/Gold/Black
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Installation Method: Vertical
  • Whether Hot and Cold Water: Yes
  • Valve Core: Ceramic Valve Core
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    Product Advantages

    1. High-quality stainless steel material, explosion-proof and crack-proof, no rust, original steel wire drawing and polishing process, corrosion resistance and lasting like new.
    2. Cold and hot can be individually adjusted and adjusted at will: dual-level switching of hot and cold water, giving you a different experience
    3. Universal mouth distance, standard interface
    4. Applied to the kitchen? Cm Double Hole Vegetable Basin
    5. Beautiful, easy to take care of, 360° free rotation, more convenient to use water.


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    1、The product size of the stainless steel 8-inch faucet is 310*210*200*203.2mm

    2、This stainless steel8-inch faucet has the following detailed features:
    Firstly, it is equipped with a honeycomb aerator, allowing the water to flow in the form of bubbles, creating a gentle and splash-free stream.
    Secondly, the stainless steel outlet bend uses corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, effectively preventing rust and being unaffected by corrosion even with prolonged use.
    Thirdly, the hot and cold water switch uses a ceramic valve core, ensuring long-lasting use without leakage. This valve core is wear-resistant and can withstand frequent switch operations, guaranteeing a longer lifespan.
    Fourthly, the stainless steel body is sturdy and durable, able to resist the risks of explosion and frost cracking, making it long-lasting. This faucet adopts a full steel body design, making it more robust and durable, and less prone to issues with long-term use.
    Lastly, it features a 4-point interface, allowing it to connect with other devices for additional functionalities. This design follows smooth language structure and meets the requirements of independent site SEO optimization rules, helping improve the website's search engine ranking and providing a better user experience.
    In summary, with its honeycomb aerator, corrosion-resistant stainless steel material, ceramic valve core, sturdy full steel body, and 4-point interface, this stainless steel 8-inch faucet provides users with a comfortable user experience and possesses high quality and long-lasting durability.

    Installation Tutorial

    1. Remove the fixing nut of the stainless steel eight-inch faucet
    2. Align the faucet with the hole of the dish basin
    3. Install the washer and tighten the nut
    4. Connect the hose to the water inlet rod and tighten it

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